Why “Sub Rosa”? Think San Antonio Local.

Jul 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Well, here’s why: When most folks visit San Antonio they miss out on some great attractions, restaurants, night spots, parks and other Alamo Town oddities. “Sub Rosa” literally means “under the rose” in Latin, and refers to things done in secret.

We San Antonians have lots of places in our town we love, but they just don’t seem to get the kind of publicity that we think they deserve.  Add one of our suggestions to your visit to our city to make it just that much more memorable. Don’t be a predictable tourist.

Join the locals at the places where they hang out, shop, and eat. By all means, go to the Alamo, eat out on the Riverwalk, go to Fiesta Texas and Sea World–but get out a little. Drive through our historic neighborhoods. Visit our icehouses and dance halls. Go to one of our fantastic area churches or synagogues.

“There are four unique cities in all of the United States”, this statement is attributed to Will Rogers or Mark Twain, “and they are Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans and San Antonio.”  Boston has the nation’s oldest public park, Boston Commons, where cattle and sheep once grazed. San Antonio has the nation’s second oldest public park, San Pedro Park where clear water still springs up from the ground into a large pool area. Few tourists find this place, because it’s not right downtown. But it’s just a few blocks north of the city. We’ll bring you a video of this great park and more, so plan your visit today!

In the coming posts, we’ll be introducing you to some great locations in San Antonio for you to visit during your stay in our city.


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