Really Good Fried Chicken!

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Chatman’s Fried Chicken Is Worth The Visit!

Great Fried Chicken!

Located on San Antonio’s East Side, Chatman’s Fried Chicken serves up some of the best fried chicken anywhere on the planet. It’s juicy. It’s big. Yes, you can get gizzards and livers. They have corn fritters. They have really buttery corn on the cob!

Don’t just visit once. Go back. Again and again. It takes a few minutes to sort out the menu there are so many deals. Eddie Chatman takes pride in his business and seeks to be an integral part of the community by providing jobs to worthy folks who take their education seriously.

We had a family order and everybody loved it.

Chatman’s Chicken is located at 1792 South W.W. White Road in San Antonio, Texas. If you’re searching by zip code it’s 78220.

Go on in and sit down.

If you’re looking at Chatman’s exterior and interior, you can tell it used to be a Long John Silver’s fish restaurant. Chatman’s is a great reason to have said “Adios” to Long John’s.

The staff at Chatman’s including Eddie himself are all friendly and helpful and take a great deal of care in fulfilling the orders quickly and correctly. But don’t be too impatient–this may be fast food, but it gets done right. And if there is a short wait, it’s well worth it.

Chatman’s is a landmark in the neighborhood and they obviously have their regulars. While we live several miles away, we’ve always felt that a visit was worth the drive.

The Mrs. really loved the corn on the cob and made short

Great Corn On The Cob.

work of it.

Chatman’s has a variety of spices to flavor up your order of chicken. As you can see by the sign–the prices are a great alternative to the chain restaurants. In my opinion, the pieces seemed to be bigger than what’s on offer at KFC, Church’s or Popeye’s.

Here’s a map to locate the place:

View Larger MapChatman's Chicken on Urbanspoon

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